Capitalizing on their extensive experience in TV-Commercials, Corporate Films, Fictions, Music Videos and their clear vision of the overlooked possibilities offered by the upcoming tools in marketing and advertising

Emmanuel and Christina have brought a new concept to their creative offer :

leading to an amazing new product :


    Emmanuel is a born creative, in the truest sense of the word, and his work has taken many forms. A successful composer, his music encompasses an exceptionally large breadth of styles.


    In 1996 Emmanuel had the good fortune to receive a gift from his grandfather, the well-known water colorist

    Pierre E. Cambier. It was a gift that would open yet another creative door: Cambier's favorite camera. This sparked Emmanuel's passion for photography, which in turn led to cinematography.


    Since then, he has used his film-making talent to tell stories in numerous contexts; serving stars of music and sports, leading media companies and iconic brands icons like Airbus, Danone and Pepsi.


    Emmanuel's skills as a cinematographer and

    creative lead have been fundamental to

    the success of ecmp media production.



    A graduate of the Swiss Commercial School and Institut for Financial Planning with a federal diploma in Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law, Christina spent 15 years in numerous leadership roles within the Swiss financial services industry,

    notably for UBS.


    In 2002 Christina took a new turn, deciding to leverage her numerous creative talents. Cinema proved to be the perfect medium, giving expression to her passion for writing, directing and editing.


    Through her experience and understanding of the business world, Christina is able to ensure that our creative team's solutions are strategically aligned with the communication needs of both,

    large and small businesses.


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