We create cinematic apps for brands, businesses and projects who are ready

to take their mobile communication to the next level and set new standards.


With digital media, the necessity to engage is stronger than ever.


Our cinematic apps will give you the edge when it comes to communicate the essential

and stay ahead of the pack.


For B2B or larger audience communications, education, science and all kind of institutions

this is the tool for the future... and we bring it to you now.


iPad Retina


2048 x 1536 px



    The iPad Retina packs more resolution than a full HD-TV.

    It is the device of choice for displaying cinematic apps. But your app can also be optimized for other mobile or non-mobile devices with equally stunning results.




    There's no doubt : Our pristine,

    5K Cinematography and creative storytelling will rivet your audience.



    Our approach is scalable and customizable. We're adept at working to a wide range of budgets and constraints.

    We offer competitive packages ready to hit the AppStore. Let users share your cinematic App on their social networks

    ... and beyond


Some Advantages:


    • Redefined Mobility


    • Your Content is available anywhere and anytime


    • Quality of Content without compromise


    • Your Content is in the users hands with a strong tactile factor


    • One download, unlimited use





    Let's meet to evaluate your needs

    understand your market and jointly define a winning strategy.


    Let's decide on the type and quantity of rich content that will result in the most engaging cinematic app :


    • Brand & Product Films

    • Filmed Interviews

    • Filmed Testimonials

    • HTML 5 Animation



    With a defined strategy we proceed to writing, casting and location scouting. Only then do we begin shooting in 5K with our RED Digital Cinema Camera Units.


    All 5K footage is carefully edited to support and precisely illustrate  your marketing messages,

    in a wholly unique manner.





    We deliver the immersive interactivity your audience deserves allowing them to connect deeply with your brand, messages and products.


    With your cinematic app now delivered, ECMP stands by your side to keep it updated, timely and relevant. We ensure that your cinematic app is optimized for all channels, including :

    Print • Social Medias • Local & National TV Campaigns •

    4K Digital Projection & DCP


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