All footage is ready to go from print to mobile devices

    all the way up to 4k digital projection

    in movie theaters or huge convention rooms

    and on upcoming 4k TV’s.


    This is the only way to guarantee longevity

    and reusability to your footage.


Since we shoot everything in 5k, all the content we produce can make it through any channel, with flying colors.


    We are proud to be among the first

    digital creative studios in the world to have

    acquired and leveraged this technology.


    For this reason the depth of our experience

    with 5K Red is unparalleled in the

    agency world.


5K RED cameras are the platinum standard for quality, high resolution cinematography. They are the technology of choice for Hollywood's top directors.

The technical sophistication of our equipment allows for maximum flexibility

and lets unfettered creativity drive our projects.


    Our camera technology is the same used by leading Hollywood director

    Peter Jackson in his film  "The Hobbit",

    as well as numerous other blockbusters.


    Fore more about 5K Red, as well as a complete list of cinematic references

    click here:


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